happy renting.

love2rent is an app designed to inspire high fives, fist bumps and bear hugs between do-it-yourself Landlords and Renters. Whether presently renting or about to, we help you care for your space through easy-to-use mobile features.

Wanna love2rent?

app features

With love2rent, Landlords and Tenants can manage their property (their home!) all with swipes, clicks and smiles.

Property Information

Landlords can add or edit property details, including Rental Amount, Number of Rooms and Pet-Friendliness. This makes it easy for Renters to apply & care for their rental.

Renter Profile

Enter and edit your personal information, including Employment & Rental History, allowing you to apply to any property at any time. Forget rifling through drawers and inboxes - now its all here.

Apply to Property

Landlords establish customized application requirements and renters apply electronically. We keep the paper trail, you hug a tree.

Service Calls

Address maintenance issues in your rental, through direct communication and video capabilities. Landlords know when to call Pete the Plumber & Renters rest assured he'll be there.


WalkViews are patent-pending, time-stamped videos showcasing the condition of your rental space. These are share-able with anyone and you can access past WalkViews when you really need them most.

Direct Line

Landlords and Tenants can tap n' type to directly connect with one another. No more need for knocking!